she is with me

my scared goddess
love of 
my life
give me 



our eyes met once
locked for a second
lighting each other’s way

for a moment

it was all that we knew

in layers deeper further into the unknown everything speaks volumes take my hand let’s expand next to each other

the star

sweet, sweet, sweet baby
this is the new you
shining star
angelic lore
heavens smile down on you

baby bird

Sweet peach
Let me cut you open
Let those juices
dribble down my mouth
I wanna hear your words
I want them to penetrate my core

pristine clarity

Clear waters
reflecting back

Dive deep into
the ocean of my mind

material girl

how much i love shiny things my eyes sparkle through the glass windows luxurious, soft, comfort i cant help but…

one day at a time

film reels in her head
everything seemed so different in bed
sunlight pour in, thoughts cushioned by her sheets, time looks, feels