my chance

all these repetitive thoughts
swirl and swirl on
stirring in this melting pot
that i have been stewing
since I was young

but it’s a new day everyday

to try and try again
maybe fail
and fail again
maybe i’m scared, to live this life

to live my life

but how why and why can’t i
because i see other i see them and i see them as a reflection of me

of what i could be, of what i could
but i know that it isn’t real
i know i am

i am me

but there is this nagging thorn in my side
it hurts how it hurts
and i want to die


but i know that i will survive
at what i do best
at being me
at doing

it’s okay
every step every step I take is towards God
for you
for me

i will find love i will it

its escaping through my fingers but then again it’s not love

but i saw i saw with with my eyes i don’t remember where
i’m trying to remember but i know

i felt somewhere somewhere inside.

i will find it

i will find it



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