anguish…pain…and fear

how i loathe you
how you feel when you burn in my throat
when you pass by

it stings
that every inch of flesh burned
has me on the verge
of tears

but alas
shape up i say to myself
you are a woman
who is in no need
of a man

look at yourself
i breathe into the mirror
seeing my dark bright green eyes
my brows furrowed
into a grimace
or slightest

oh but a young girl can dream
as she gazed out into the horizon of her room
the future untold and unforeseen
maybe I will find love in my palms
or least dream about it
in my thoughts

But I Am Here
In The Now


There Is Nothing That Can Stop Me
From Feeling Blue To Feeling Upside Down
I Make My Own Luck She Smiled
With The Help Of God
And The Power Of My Heart
Of Sight And Sound


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