“Why is he so silent?” Katella wondered as she stole glances of him from the side as he was driving. Gerald had a soft face, milky white skin and curly blonde hair. He rode steadily without much concentration for the dirt road was relatively smooth without any bumps or complications. But he wasn’t focused entirely. She could tell he was thinking bout something..something else. It wasn’t her or the road but it was something personal to him. She had heard of this before, what he could have been thinking of, for that she had been told and encountered it multiple times within herself, alone. It was a nucleus. The very thing that was kept private from others e en from your lover or spouse that nobody could touch or feel not even fathom to understand. It made you who you were. Beyond the flesh and blood or the mind and soul. It was an energetic blueprint. A reminder to know you were apart of the whole picture. That you were not alone. That you mattered. 


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