oh how i
oh how I am looking
for you
my baby boy
my one true love

Where are you?
I have been going in circles
in the dark
where only the brightest lights shine
with the biggest hearts

our love..it’s written in stars
i’ve seen you before
i’ve seen you from afar
i’m trying to find you
i want you in this life
i want us to be together
husband and wife

i miss you

sometimes i feel empty at night
my thoughts are awake and alive
but my tears fall from my cheeks
from my watery green eyes

Maybe it’s me and you calling
maybe it’s our souls bonding

i miss you and i hear you i see you
oh come soon
come soon so we can be in love

oh darling baby baby boy
i know you’re out there
you left me speechless
baby i know i know
but you are my everything
i want us to be free
i want us to flourish
with all the light and love
that we both are capable of being


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