one more time…

i repeat
i rinse
and i repeat again
how much more of this can I take?

Mistakes trip me over
And I am just learning how walk
It’s okay they say
You’re meant to fall
And get up

But it doesn’t feel that way

I want to be right
I feel like I will drive myself insane
Closing doors
Prying another open
Tears swelling in my eyes
So much emotion
It’s hard to think
Of the change

That I beared this before
That it was once all too familiar
Or maybe I can’t remember
What love felt like
before I was born

I am all too human…in need always
Can’t I understand, can’t I understand
Who I am
What I can do
Instead of going back to my old ways
Those moments of emotion
Back in the day
Defining the experience
Everything I see makes me a little blue
Adding another layer

That hurts the most
I’m sorry Lord, God
I just want to be loved


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