to all

this the sound i hear ok okay OKAY haha
i hear you sir
I hear your words but but let me tell you this
have you ever thought of me
of us
of us as a family
how we function how we can help each other out
to stop staying stuck in this rut
oh oh

uh nuh uh nuh uh we we don’t use our heads
Don’t use those heads
me neither
why why don’t we let’s take time to think
not that hard, makes a little uncomfortable but it’s worth all the screaming and a shrink
and love
and love

alright okay okay i’m a little selfish

they say it’s the ego the go got me thinking thinking not enough feeling
maybe i’m just trying to be that bitch

it’s my fault but not who to blame
it’s the way things are, but i know that there’s change
to stay above it all and to work together
stop calling each other names and bring closer- all of us as a family
each sides has to give, each side feels a certain way
spitting out hate won’t make the problems go away
I am a lot stronger than you think
or know
it maybe all black and white but I am the one in who
i am gonna change
i am gonna change
change the world change me
but not for you not for you
for me sir for for me and who but i gotta tell you something something important



open……open me up
and hear me out
see the truth
free ourselves from this muck
i am a little sad
i feel sad
i feel that there is so much to do
i am responsible

of all this in the world
i am held accountable
i am trying to stay focused but
I holds me
back but I can’t

but it starts with me
that I have to see
as much as I want to help
the first step to take
is toward myself

i feel that i have never been heard
by you
why can’t you open your ears
why can’t you hear
but yell all those things
till i am in tears
i want it to stop
it will
i am tired of this nonsense
i’m tired of things falling apart


to me to me

i love you
i love you


to you
little girl
to you
little girl
i am here
i know that
we do things out of fear
but we both know how it feels
we do
i am here for you
I am your big sister
I am your best friend
ANd there’s nothing
that will stop us
I know we live in our little world
our world
filled with balloons and trees
for you

don’t be blue
i love you


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