here’s another

open your eyes child
loved one
believe in yourself
trust you and only you
you are special, you are loved
you have not forgotten
you just forgot
you came here to be real
you came to experience tears
and see the fears
and love
of others
of your mother
and of your mirrors

feel you self child
feed your self
hungry and warming
to your love
with open arms
open your eyes child
for you are loved
by souls as great as the Earth
coming from
a place
we know
a place of love and growth

let go child
don’t cry
you are all smiles
you make the sun brighter in sunny blue skies

my love
i love you
yes why wouldnt be
could we ourselves from outside
could we feel our insides
i know you want
too many things
but you are
only young
look at me look at us look at you
see you in the reflection
of this
look at us
you are beautiful too
you are everything i want
everything i grew


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