an impression

everything falls apart, everything
lavender blooms in my heart
rustling in the wind
watered by the rain
resurrected by the sun

my mind
candle burning
waxing dripping
mind thinking
the light

breath becomes air

eyes look green
browns looks clean
nose like my father’s

i see me
i see when I am put together
and I see me discombobulated

emotions like
the weather

us and you
me and we
all these personalities
and the facts, faces, flip side of

i taste the fruits
golden pears
silver nutmegs
Mother Goose taught me well
How to brush my hair

I love you
Strong, striking, stunning
Every step you take
The future holds something
Like you
Like you
I love who you are
Everything you’ve grown up to be
Is everything how it should be
Seeker of light
Lover of life
A smile in your eyes


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