Why do you
say these things
why don’t you see
that you hurt me

that I am is wrong
2+2 isn four
its supposeds to be
well what about me
someone with dreams
isn’t wrong to think up
who can even fathom
the unfathomable
well you know
i am loved
i am loved
and if you don’t see
that I am I am I am

then you will never see
the flower that I’m meant to be

I can love who I love
i give love
my body isn’t a charity it isnt a place
to pay
my love isn’t free
you are wrong
my love doesn’t need money
it doesn’t need anybody

i am boundless
I am the stars
i am the universe
I am a beam of light
that shines through the beacon
of hope and might

who are you
where are you
you’ve been gone
for sometimes
i laugh because you say you know me so well
well you know what
you’re wrong
you don know squat
about me, my love or my thoughts


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