A Beginning of Time

Just a measurement they say, even though it’s only three feet away
Just like how I used I see you
How it was back in high school

Dazed and confused
Put on print
I remember feeling used

Not until the fairy popped my bubble
But the only thing I was blowing was you
You called me pretty
We had a complex relationship
Didn’t you know?
Aren’t you a pisces moon?

I wasn’t used to feel like this
so blue
Might as well shatter in pieces
Ha, what a honor
Broken hearted by you

That smile, well I used to call you out on those eyes
But it was the smile
That killed me
It was that smile
That made me feel like it was all worthwhile

Holden Caulfield would have called you a phony

But, it’s me who writes my story

Story of you and me


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