Mother’s Day

Hello mother
it’s been awhile
we have talked
but without words

This room hold two chairs
The silence waits patiently
For us to share
How we feel
How we both have shedded tears

There is sadness
A deep sadness
That runs deep inside

I see it in myself
I try to look beyond the lines
That divide us
But I can be blinded
By those moments where
I let the anger boil over from the inside

Old feelings emerge
From pat memories
Your words still said things that hurt
And that Daddy didn’t have to speak to make me feel unheard
I can’t conceal
The truth of me
Of how I feel

You have been there
Given me birth
Held me in your womb
A home

Now it seemed so long ago
How close we were

We could try to listen
Understand each other a little more
I will forgive you Mother
I want our relationship to grow
And for us to be close


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