spoken word

I can’t discuss my thoughts and feelings
without rhyming or writing
I can’t discuss me
without allowing myself to breathe

breath of fresh air
stepping outside
california blue
used to

cry on the bus
cried tears
dripped from my cheeks
from my heart

i look back i look back now
i remember that sorrow
a time of change
a time of flux
i kept thinking
i’ll have better luck

fighting myself
stab at my reflection
mirror shards spill everywhere and all was left
was a framed portrait
of what would happen next

next chapter

i cry in spanish
dejame que te cuenta
como yo sienta
para que inteinde
como yo soy
y aprende
para vivir en el momento

lo siento
que yo te herio
yo se

no pienso
en los acciones
las recurades de me
era anos
anos de me vida

now I am grown
i am someone different
we all change in the winter

so let it be spring

i caught that from you
and i taught it too


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