only for you

Tried and true
Tied to you
Love is full
to the brim
Sometimes I feel insecure

About me
and about you
I look back at the moon
And saw my eyes filled with tears

Out of all the love
I sought out in the years
I found a lover holding me close
Something that I never want to let go

Secretly afraid
of what’s at stake
I pray to the Goddess everyday

To help me be brave
And appreciate

What I have
Appreciate who I am



  1. Looking into eyes of green,
    in the background, the sound of Queen.
    Small brown spots, like a bean.
    of a chill variety.
    I will watch you bloom
    to a level of notoriety.
    We stand out in this society.
    Who cares about propriety.
    We strive, you learn to drive
    we arrive
    in each others arms.
    Sit together inside of barnes
    full of animals so noble.
    Books of owls with their charm.
    Our love so strong it spreads global.
    You are full of beauty,
    Filled and overflowing.
    My cutie,
    It is my duty to love you as fully as i can
    So excited I flew instead of ran.
    And i go through life knowing
    You are mine
    And I am yours.

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