change of mind

i had a conversation
with a young man who thought you couldn’t touch the sky
that luck was the only way you can survive

He spoke of the greatest artists
with their struggle
of circumstances

He looked at me in the eyes
How can they do that if they don’t stand a chance?

Broken home
no money
Surroundings beckoning them
To turn over

To the dark side

I let him speak
for that I am listening
To his words
Knowing I have thought the same thing

But once I spoke
I felt myself  words rush out
Combating his questions

You see, I began
It starts with you
It starts with your dreams
It takes a strength so strong
and so deep
To let go of the least important

And achieve what you want to be

As the new iPhone is made
and the new millennial trend is 90’s mom jeans
Women are held against their will
Who are fed lines of insecurities
“You are too fat”
“Not pretty enough”
“You need to be this”
“You need to be that”

And people of color,
Knife to their throat
by the aggressor
The colonizer
Made them all slaves
To the trade
Taking everything they had
Have you ever played in the sandbox
and somebody comes around
and pushes you to the ground
Saying in your face
“This is mine now”?

Where are we now?
What is the remedy
To cure this melancholy
that has been around for thousands of years?

And I look into this young man’s eyes
And tell him
We have a purpose
in which we focus on
Our whole heart
And I promise you
Just as these great artists have done,
Opportunity will show up




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